​If your child is a Senior...
Photographs are taken during the summer months. You will get an appointment notice in the mail to tell you about the day for you to be there. 
Once school starts your make up will be on your school campus. Check with your yearbook adviser for the details to the date and time.
We Want You To:
Bring a change of clothes or extra props, musical instruments etc! We want to take your photo showing your unique style and personality. Clothes changes are FREE!                          for tips on your senior portrait session.
The Class of 2020 Portrait orders may be placed online!  By ordering online you get access to our online specials, FREE Photos and discounted products that are otherwise NOT available.


Return your order by US Postal Service. Credit Cards, Money Orders are gladly accepted. Personal Checks are discouraged.​ (all returned checks will have a $30 return fee added)


​Your deadline for placing your order is on Back Page of your proof booklet.

Allow 4-5 weeks for your order to be processed and delivered to your home.  


We are excited about our 2020 products and advanced services that we are able to offer you this year.

You will get your proofs in the mail and you may order online or by mail.  The yearbook pose MUST be made online in order to appear in the school yearbook.



Your DEADLINE FOR ORDERING and YEARBOOK selection is on the back page of your proof booklet.


Senior Deadline



Deadline ................................. See the Back Page of your proof                                                                                   booklet.


  YOUR Order Deadline is on the Back Page of your proof book and supercedes all other deadline information.

​Retouching of your photograph.
All packages have basic retouching included in the package price.  If you feel that your photograph requires addtional photographic 
correction, you will need to contact our office PRIOR to placing your order so that a price quote may be given to you.
Basic Retouching smooths the complexion of skin (acne and shine) it  will soften wrinkles around eyes, nose and mouth. IT DOES NOT remove tan lines, fix or whiten teeth, remove stray hairs or remove braces from the teeth.





Making your yearbook selection: You must do this online. Go to the Senior 2020 Click here to Order!  button. (even if you are not ordering) This will allow you to make your yearbook pose selection.



If you do not return your order / proofs on time a pose will be chosen for you for your yearbook selection.

NOTE: We are IMAGES. We are NOT  piedmont portraits.

Your portrait proof has an ONLINE / EVENT CODE printed on it. Just click the link above. This will take you to our secure ordering site. This site is so  easy to use that other companies have followed our LEAD.

(additional fees apply to online orders)

Then ENTER YOUR CODE. Follow the steps to place your order.

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