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About Us

We Make Memories... Let us Make Yours!


Our Story

Over the years things change; film has changed to digital; black and white has changed to color; and your child keeps getting older. But here at Images, we are proud to tell you that some things do not change with time; Our mission is to provide our community with the highest quality photographs available and excellent customer service so we can offer timeless moments by capturing your child’s yearbook and seasonal photos throughout their primary, middle, and high school education.

Images believes in supporting the students and teachers of South Carolina. That is why we offer commission based on your schools’ sales. This commission gives back to schools to help fund and support important programs and activities for the students. We pride ourselves with giving back to our community while providing exceptional services and offering countless products. Your support is greatly appreciative as it assists with capturing and providing photographs for your child’s yearbook.

We strive to use evolving technologies and advanced equipment to guarantee that your child’s photos are premium quality. We offer a variation of packages and products that is suitable for each and every style preference and income level.

As a small, family-owned business, we are proud that our friendly service and affordable business model will deliver exceptional service every time. We have been in the photography field and business since 1988. We have a combined 124 years of photography experience. This is more than just a weekend hobby turned in to a business. It is a passion. That passion has been turned into our business. Unlike other local school photographers, our owner, Dave has a 4-year degree from a major university in the field of photography.

We are located in Greer; South Carolina and we travel to schools all over this great state. We will be on your campus soon and often during the year. We look forward to meeting you and taking your child’s photo.  


Your support and customer loyalty are greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting and loving our family-owned business! Always remember to SMILE!

Be sure to smile!  And let us create your memories that will last a lifetime! 

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